Heritage Income Tax Secure File Portal

Secure File Pro

All documents between your tax preparer or tax attorney should be uploaded through this portal. 

New Clients:  Click the green button to the left and use the Guest Access (no username required)

Current Clients with Portal Access:  Click icon to link directly to Secure File Pro

You must request access by calling (513) 900-9513.  

You will receive an invitation to login to your portal and create a password.  

Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your SSN.  

Once logged into the portal, you may upload documents by either scanning them using a scanner (preferred) or taking a picture with your phone and uploading the image into the portal. 

Signatures cannot be uploaded.  All 8879 and paper filed 1040 forms must be "wet signed" with an ink pen or by using our identity verification system.