"What do you charge for a tax return?" is a common question.  We charge based on the complexity of the return. We charge based on how many forms and schedules are required for your return.  Our prices are around the 50th percentile for our local industry.  

Our office will not give a price quote to a prospective customer over the phone.  We understand that some clients may be price sensitive; therefore, we allow clients to bring all tax documents to an appointment to review past tax returns, sources of income and complexity of the return in order to give a price quote for our services.  Generally you can expect to pay between $200 and $800 for an individual tax return based on number of schedules and worksheets required.  The majority of our individual tax returns are in the $200-low $400 range. 

If we encounter a situation where the time involved greatly exceeds our estimate, we will contact you about how to proceed.

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