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Imagine being freed of IRS wage garnishments and threatening letters.

Getting Letters From the IRS Can Be Intimidating.  Let The Experts at Heritage Help. 


We help clients save thousands on IRS fees and penalties. 

Are you experiencing wage garnishment due to unpaid IRS tax debts?  Are you seeking IRS debt relief? 

You may be tempted to call an IRS debt resolution national chain because of their catchy jingle on the radio, or their banner ads.  Be careful!  When you call national chains, you won't be speaking with an actual attorney, but rather a skilled salesman who will charge you thousands of dollars and will string you along for months, even years, before your debts are resolved.  They also may make assurances about irs debt forgiveness, offers in compromise that ultimately get rejected by the IRS, leaving you owing more tax debt than ever before.  Another big red flag:  these companies spend millions on advertising, and often go bankrupt, taking your payments with them as they disappear into the night.  What you need isn't an overpriced tax resolution sales company.  You simply need a tax attorney.  Why pay a middle man?  Save your hard-earned money and call us today.  

How can Heritage Income Tax, Ltd help me? 

Call us and tell us about your situation. Sometimes taxpayers can resolve their tax issues for free!  If we believe this is a matter that you can solve on your own, we will point you toward resources for self-help. Avoid "Tax Relief" Sales companies! They will take enormous fees from you to complete tasks that you yourself could have performed. Just ask for a free 15 minute conversation.  (513) 900-9513 or email our tax attorney 

You may be entitled to pay less money than the IRS says you owe.  Let us negotiate on your behalf.  Read Bryan's story about helping clients here

Is Negotiating with the IRS Legal? 

Absolutely!  The IRS has a published article about settling your tax debt for a fraction of the amount you owe. Read it here

Will I have to make contact with the IRS? Do I need to speak with IRS agents?

No!  If you prefer that we contact the IRS on your behalf, we will investigate all tax issues and create a plan for you to eliminate your IRS debt and stop wage garnishments.  

Sleep better tonight knowing your situation is under control. Contact Us Today. 

That number again:  (513) 900- 9513 





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Bryan C. Corcoran, attorney-at-law

1998 Juris Doctor, University of Akron

1998 M.A. in Taxation, University of Akron

USMC 1989 - 2015


Mr. Corcoran fights for taxpayer rights, resolves IRS dispute issues and settles IRS debt.