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2775 W US-22

Suite 3

Maineville, OH 45039


Office Phone: (513) 9OO-9513

Office Phone: (513) 444-41O8

Office Fax: (844) 337-7149

Email: aubrey @  heritageincometax . com

Have a question? We would love to assist you. 

However, we cannot give information about your tax situation or dispense general tax advice without an appointment.  Please support our small business and book an appointment for your tax questions-- even "quick questions".  We bill by 15-minute increments for phone consultations, and this includes calls from clients for whom we have prepared taxes in the past.

Free advice is available on the IRS website, Social Security Administration website,  or by visiting our blog.  For free help, please visit www.irs.gov or call one of these numbers for assistance:

IRS customer support  800-829-1040

IRS international line    267-941-1000