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Bryan and Aubrey Corcoran

About Heritage

      Heritage Income Tax, Ltd provides personal income tax services to Landen, Kings Mills, Deerfield, Morrow, Maineville and South Lebanon, Ohio.  Our highly trained, experienced staff of tax professionals can handle all levels of complex returns. We are qualified to represent you before the IRS.  When you visit our office, you can expect privacy, and a personable, friendly atmosphere.  Let us take care of you, and get you the highest possible refund.

Our Story

Co-founder Bryan served in the military as a judge advocate for over 25 years, managing overseas tax offices for military personnel and their families. With a Masters of Taxation and a Juris Doctor degree, he has the expertise to support you and your business - not just during tax season, but throughout the year.  

Co-founder Aubrey is a graduate of the Income Tax School following a career of teaching high school science that began in 2005.  She created Heritage Income Tax to serve the local community.  She has a passion for working with families.  

          Integrity and Responsibility: Our Values         We are serious about keeping your personal information confidential.  When you visit our office, rest assured that you will have privacy and your data will be kept secure - both with our encrypted file system and under lock and key.